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Photo Keeper


Photo Keeper is here for your photos – to help them climb out of your Android phone and into photobooks! Quick and easy, create from your phone with just your photos or invite family and friends into your photobook and create as a group.Select photos from your own camera roll or from photos sent in to you, 8 at a time, and let them automatically fill the photobook in date and time order. Each photo has a place to write up to 20 characters, to ensure that in the future you remember where, what, who and when!
To create photobooks as a group, all you have to do is send an individual, via email or text, your photobooks invite code. They can then link in to your photobook to share their photos with you. You as the ‘author’ can decide which photos you want in your photobook. No-one will be able to see anyone else’s photos until you have confirmed the order and sent them an invite to view it. They will then have the choice to buy it themselves.
Before you start your book, choose from 6 templates:White Linen for a clean fresh styleChalkboard for a simple, nostalgic feelPhoto Keeper for a splash of colourArtists Palette for a relaxed, fun lookRetro Happy for a festival feelJournal for a vintage scrapbook
Photo Keeper’s photobooks are handmade in the UK, hard backed with a matt finish, 21cm X 21cm and have a minimum number of 26 pages with 4 square photos per page. A 26 page book is £24.99 and it is 99p for each page of 4 photos after.
Use the Photo Keeper App to:1) Create a photobook with family and friends of the holiday or event you are all a part of. A complete storybook. 2) Put together a unique, themed collection of photos with people that you may not know, but that are like minded.3) Ask attendees and party goers at a team building exercise, hen/stag event or exhibition to link in with a photobook you are creating, putting together a book that can possibly become a marketing tool for you.4) Similar to the idea of the disposal cameras at weddings, link with your fellow guests and create a guestbook for the bride and groom - a perfect wedding present.
We would love to hear about your photobooks and we value any feedback you can give us.